Here's how to help support sustainable fisheries:

Buy from fish markets: They often stock local fish from smaller day boats, which have less of an impact on fisheries than larger trawlers that stay at sea for weeks. See more here

Eat abundant species: Consider other ground fish, such as redfish and dogfish. See more here, here and here.  

Invest in community-supported fisheries: Such cooperatives allow fishermen to deliver their fresh catch directly to dinner tables. Find a community supported fishery near you here

Look for the blue MSC label on fish packaging: The certification is from the Marine Stewardship Council, an international nonprofit group that seeks to curb unsustainable fishing. See more here

Don't be deterred by "previously frozen" labels: See more about how to select and serve frozen fish here.

Ask fishmongers where they get their fish: It matters what kind of fish you’re buying, and whether it was caught in the wild or raised on a fish farm.

Support the traceability movement: It seeks to make clear to consumers where and when a fish was caught. Trace your fish here.

Call or write your government officials: Tell them you care about sustainable fisheries, healthy oceans, climate change, and the welfare of fishermen. In the United States, find your congressman or senator here.